Western Days 2023 Sponsors

Bison – Presenting Sponsor

Atkins Family
—in memory of Donald B. Atkins
Deisenroth Family Foundation

Elk Sponsorship

Phyllis and Steve Anderson
Phyllis and George Dotson
The Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma
Mary Ann Hille
Ralph and Frances McGill Foundation

Grizzly Bear Sponsorship

Moose Sponsorship

William L. Berry
—in memory of Pam H. Berry
Julia Warnock and James Geurin
—in honor of Nancy and Jim Hicks

Cougar Sponsorship

Anchor Stone Company
—in honor of Bill Berry
The Bama Companies
Lucy and John Barker
Renee and Steve Bauer
Elizabeth and Doug Crews
Debbie and Dean Luthey
Marilyn Morris
—in memory of Joseph W. Morris
The Williams Companies

Black Bear Sponsorship

Christ Church Episcopal
Lea and Hans Helmerich
Leslie and Steve Lake
Barbara and John Turner
—in honor of Hilary Clark
Dianne and Ron Turner
Anhna Vuong

Gray Wolf Sponsorship

Shannon and Eric Grimshaw
Caron and Shawn Lawhorn
—in memory of Barbara and Woody Allen

Red Fox Sponsorship

John Cleator, Sr.
—in honor of Hilary Clark
William Connole
J.R. McGraw
Robert Traband