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About Saint Simeon’s Senior Living Community in Tulsa

Saint Simeon’s is built on the “Seven Values” that we believe are vital for a quality senior care community:

  • Integrity reflected in our heritage and vigilant commitment to the highest professional standards.
  • Dedication reflected in all of those serving the residents – the Board of Trustees, the staff and volunteers.
  • Compassion reflected in our loving care given to all residents.
  • Accountability reflected in our commitment to providing the best care at an affordable cost.
  • Humility reflected in our never-ending commitment to excellence in care.
  • Respect reflected in preserving the dignity and individuality of each resident.
  • Patience reflected in taking time to fulfill individual needs and offering peace of mind to residents and families.

Our Heritage

The heritage of Saint Simeon’s began when founder, The Rev. Dr. E.H. Eckel., dreamed of a home for people in the “eventide” of life. Dr. Eckel believed in a Christian senior living community where the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of its residents would come first. In 1960, Dr. Eckel’s dream became a reality when Saint Simeon’s Episcopal Home was opened. Since that time, Saint Simeon’s has continued to realize that vision by expanding and developing to meet the diverse needs and desires of the growing population of seniors.

Being a mission of the Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma and being founded in the tradition of the Episcopal Church, make us a strongly faith-based senior living organization. As a witness to this important part of our heritage, we offer spiritual growth to Residents and families. We welcome people of all faiths.

As a not-for-profit organization, accountability in the form of excellent care has been the vanguard throughout Saint Simeon’s history. When the mission to provide the best possible care required additions to our campus, in each case the improvements were funded with no long-term debt. Throughout the years, expansions and improvements have been accomplished through generous donations from friends of Saint Simeon’s and the sound financial practices of the Board of Trustees.

Quality First Covenant

LeadingAge Quality First Covenant is a Promise by LeadingAge Members

Saint Simeon’s is a member of LeadingAge and has signed the Quality First Covenant. LeadingAge’s Quality First is a philosophy of quality and a framework for earning public trust in aging services.

We are committed to achieving excellence in the quality of care and services provided to consumers and to earning the public’s trust.

We believe that aging has a fulfilling purpose in life and that our society’s elders have enduring value to family and community.

We believe that not-for-profit organizations have a special role in society to provide healthy, affordable, and ethical aging services. Our objective is to provide the highest quality and most compassionate care and services to the people we serve.

We believe that the field of aging services should adhere to applicable legal, ethical and professional standards that are based on stated values and policies in each of our organizations.

We believe that we should strive to offer programs and services that are based on contemporary research and knowledge to meet the needs of the people we serve as well as paid and volunteer caregivers, to the best of our ability.

Ten Elements of Quality serve as the framework for Quality First:

  1. Commitment – A pledge by aging services providers across the continuum of aging services to maintain and promote ethical practices and the highest standards of quality.
  2. Governance and Accountability – Achieving and maintaining high standards of management and governance to improve quality consistent with our mission and values.
  3. Leading-Edge Care and Services – Implementing models and practices that are based on evidence of success, represent the tradition of personal service and are adaptable to a changing society.
  4. Community Involvement – Engaging in community citizenship and service — social accountability, volunteer involvement and relationship building.
  5. Continuous Quality Improvement – Using CQI methods to enhance existing programs, improve effectiveness and foster a collaborative work environment.
  6. Human Resources Development – Providing training, competitive wages and benefits, and a supportive workplace environment.
  7. Consumer-Friendly Information – Providing accessible and understandable information for older adults, families and caregivers.
  8. Consumer Participation – Engaging residents/clients, family members and other consumers in care and services.
  9. Research Findings and Education – Using and sharing the latest research findings to improve care and services for older adults.
  10. Public Trust and Consumer Confidence – Committing to a policy of outreach, openness and authenticity to increase public understanding of quality aging services and earn the trust of the people we serve and their families — as well as the media, the public and policymakers.

To learn more about our faith-based senior living community, please contact us today.

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Our mission is to be the preferred senior care community for men and women of all faiths and denominations who wish to live their later years in an environment with dignity, individuality and the highest attainable level of independence.

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