At the heart of Saint Simeon’s Foundation, we believe in the power of investing in our future. An essential part of this vision is our endowment program, a unique way for our community to contribute towards our mission. But what exactly is an endowment, and why should you consider giving to one?

Understanding Endowments

Endowments are an incredible way to make a lasting impact on Saint Simeon’s future. Unlike regular donations, endowed gifts are invested. Each year, a percentage of the return from this investment is used to support essential initiatives at our home. This annual distribution, known as a “spending policy,” is carefully calculated and approved by our Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

Endowments are a powerful investment in Saint Simeon’s future as they deliver a dependable, perpetual source of funding.

The Power of a Minimum Gift

It might surprise you to learn that endowments can be created with a minimum gift of just $25,000. This investment not only supports our mission but also ensures a sustainable future for the Residents of Saint Simeon’s and their families.

Our Existing Endowments

We are incredibly grateful for the generous individuals who have already established endowments. These funds are already making a significant difference in our community.

Endowments in Support of the Facility

  • The Martha S. and Cortlandt S. Dietler Endowment for Operations
  • The Saint Simeon’s Forever Capital Endowment

Endowments in Support of the Staff

  • The Kris and Jerry Nichols Endowment for Employee Recognition
  • The Margery and Arthur F. Whitt Employee Christmas Fund
  • The Saint Simeon’s Foundation Endowment for Continued Education

Other Endowments Benefiting Saint Simeon’s

Saint Simeon’s also benefits from several endowment funds established by donors at the organizations listed below.

Bank of Oklahoma
  • James A. and Leta M. Chapman Endowment Trust
Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma
  • Fleur D. Sigmon Trust
Tulsa Community Foundation
  • Saint Simeon’s Endowment Fund

Make an Endowment Gift

We invite you to join us in our mission by making a gift to an existing endowment. If you have questions or are interested in establishing a new endowment fund to benefit Saint Simeon’s, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Tyler Davis or call at 918-794-1918.

Click here to donate to an existing endowment.

By investing in an endowment, you’re not just giving to a good cause – you’re shaping the future of Saint Simeon’s. Thank you for considering this powerful way to make a difference.