Where to Give

In addition to the Saint Simeon’s Annual Fund, there are a variety of more specific funds to which you can direct your contributions. Click on the title to access the donation form.

Employee Appreciation Fund

This fund expresses appreciation from our Residents, families, and friends for the compassionate care given by the staff at Saint Simeon’s, which has been our calling card from day one.

Father Holly Chaplain Fund

This is a discretionary fund for the chaplain at Saint Simeon’s to offer assistance to employees who fall on hard times. In times of need, we are there for staff to get them back on their feet.

Employee Education Fund

Through this fund, you can invest in the future of Saint Simeon’s by providing educational assistance to staff who aspire to earn a higher degree, license, or certification. It allows us to retain high-quality employees and invest in the future of Saint Simeon’s.

Grateful Resident and Family Program

The Grateful Resident and Family Program provides you the opportunity to say thank you to the caregivers who made a difference to you, and were there when you needed them most. For more information download the Grateful Resident and Family Program brochure below.

Life Enrichment Fund

The Life Enrichment program at Saint Simeon’s provides Residents with all types of activities and entertainment. This program supports Residents’ physical, social, emotional, and cognitive well-being. In addition to fostering personal growth and creativity, these programs are designed to keep seniors engaged and active in the community.

Peggy V. Helmerich Library Fund

The Peggy V. Helmerich Library was established in 2006 from a generous gift from the Helmerich Trust. The library contains over 2,500 volumes and continues to grow with generous gifts from our donors. This beautiful space allows our residents to socialize and discover new interests.

The Bishop Ed Resident Benevolent Fund

The Bishop Ed Residents’ Benevolence Fund provides full or partial financial assistance to Saint Simeon’s Residents who have demonstrated financial need and may have outlived their financial resources. Generous donors over the years have contributed and continue to contribute gifts, making possible funding and allowing Residents to remain at Saint Simeon’s during particularly vulnerable times.

Saint Anna Chapel and Common Room Fund

The Chapel of Saint Anna is the spiritual center of Saint Simeon’s welcoming all faiths and denominations. The attached common room allows for all types of activites, from musical guests to lectures. This area is vital to the spiritual and emotional health of our Residents. Donations make to the Chapel and Common Room fund will allow the area to be maintained for years to come.

Flora and Fauna Fund

Gifts to the Flora and Fauna Fund provide ongoing support of our facilities and grounds team to maintain our beautiful surroundings. You can play a pivotal role in helping preserve our accredited Natural Wildlife Habitat.

Tree Tributes

Rooted in Remembrance: Commemorate a Loved One or Honor a Staff Member with the Timeless Gift of a Newly Planted Tree. Your Tree Tribute includes planting a new tree, a year’s worth of specialized care and recognition near the Tree. You will also receive a map with your Tree’s location and an update with a picture in one Year. With a gift of $2,500.00 or more, you provide a wonderful remembrance or honor and beauty and shade for years to come.

Commemorative Benches

A cast-iron bench is a popular gift option for those wishing to have their special place at Saint Simeon’s. Residents, families, visitors, and staff much appreciate these attractive, comfortable benches. Benches provide peaceful places to enjoy our campus or meet informally and are an important aspect of the overall landscape at Saint Simeon’s. With a gift of $5,000 or more, a new bench will be placed in an area of your choosing with a plaque of recognition

For more information please contact Tyler Davis, Executive Director of the Saint Simeon’s Foundation
(918) 794-1918 or email TylerDavis@saintsimeons.org