What is Assisted Living Memory Care and What are its Benefits?

What is Assisted Living Memory Care?

Assisted Living Memory Care provides specialized care for those living with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. Offering personalized care and support in a safe, secure environment, Assisted Living Memory Care provides a myriad of benefits for your loved one. These include a structured environment, access to medical care, socialization, safety, improved quality of life, increased independence, and reduced stress. Residents receive 24-hour supervision, assistance with daily activities, and specialized care for their cognitive needs. Additionally, many communities offer leisure activities and social events to help promote a sense of community.

Why Choose Assisted Living Memory Care?

Assisted Living Memory Care is appropriate for those who may need a secure environment, but are still mobile and able-bodied. The structured living environment provided by assisted living memory care is essential to the well-being of those with Alzheimer’s or other dementias. This includes providing a safe and secure living space, as well as offering a consistent daily routine. Access to medical care is also an important benefit of assisted living memory care, as residents have access to trained medical professionals who can monitor their health, manage medications, and provide necessary treatments. Socialization helps keep their minds active and engaged. Additionally, safety is a key benefit of memory care assisted living, as staff members are available to aid and help with any issues that arise.

What are the Long-Term Benefits of Assisted Living Memory Care?

One of the most important long-term benefits of Assisted Living Memory Care is improved quality of life by keeping residents healthy, active, and engaged. Increased independence is also beneficial, as residents can maintain a sense of autonomy while receiving the specialized care they need. Finally, reduced stress is another long-term benefit of assisted living memory care, as it helps keep residents comfortable and relaxed. All these benefits combine to provide residents with a robust quality of life and the best chance of maintaining the highest possible level of independence.

Assisted Living Memory Care at Saint Simeon’s in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Saint Simeon’s luxurious Assisted Living Center offers serene, spacious apartments with spectacular views of downtown Tulsa or our beautifully maintained courtyards and grounds. With four personalized levels of care now including secure memory care, Saint Simeon’s Assisted Living offers the most complete spectrum of assisted living care in the Tulsa area. According to the National Institute on Aging, specialized dementia care in senior communities is linked to better outcomes for residents, which makes Saint Simeon’s the perfect community to age in place while enjoying delicious meals, engaging activities, compassionate, well-trained staff, and more.

Learn more about Saint Simeon’s Assisted Living Memory Care by calling Mary at 918-794-1900, or click contact us to submit your information and we will get in touch to answer your questions. Explore our community by checking out our Virtual Tour.

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