Retirement Communities for Couples

Senior Housing Options for Couples

Considering where to live is one of the biggest decisions couples make together. Many senior couples reach a point in their lives when it’s time to think about housing options such as retirement communities. Some couples decide to move from their homes to a place free from household maintenance and other responsibilities. Others may need a living option where senior care can be provided to one spouse or both.

Whatever the case, retirement communities have several options available for couples who wish to continue living together without the worries and concerns of home ownership. Whether you’re ready for an active lifestyle in residential senior living, or you or your spouse needs some extra care, there are solutions to living together as a couple in your better years.

Senior Living for Couples

Independent Living Communities

For the active senior couples who need little to no care, many communities offer independent living options. Options here range from a small home or condo, to mobile and motor homes and apartments.

Independent living communities offer several convenient amenities close to home, such as resident dining, housekeeping, laundry service and more.

Assisted Living Communities

Couples who may need an extra set of hands with daily living tasks may opt to choose an assisted living community. In these communities, services include help with personal care, housekeeping, and medication reminders and other assistance. Most assisted living communities also offer a transportation service that shuttles residents to group outings, the grocery store or doctor appointments if needed.

Benefits of Senior Living Communities for Couples

Many couples find happiness with retirement communities that offer the amenities, convenience, floor plans and assistance they want. There are several benefits for couples who choose senior living communities:

Improved quality of life. From wellness centers to engaging events and enriching activities, senior living communities offer the opportunity to focus fully on your overall well-being, instead of spending time with the burdens of household chores and lawn maintenance. You’ll have more time to enjoy each other’s company and continue the bond you’ve shared for years.

Convenient downsizing. Many couples choose a senior living community because they’re looking to move from the larger homes they no longer need. Whether you and your significant other want a small, one-bedroom apartment or a more spacious floor plan, most communities offer different layouts so you can choose the one best for you.

Access to healthcare services. Just in case you or your partner needs extra help and support down the road, you can stay together while the senior living staff handles the burden of care. Let’s say your significant other needs a joint replacement and requires skilled nursing care. At a senior living community, there’ll be no need to separate while they receive the services they need.

Life Together at Saint Simeon’s

Saint Simeon’s offers many vibrant senior living options from Assisted Living to Skilled Nursing to dementia and memory care at our 50-acre retirement community in Tulsa, OK. You can thrive together as a couple in our welcoming and comfortable environment. Contact us today to schedule a tour and experience what life is like at Saint Simeon’s.

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