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Category: Healthy Aging

Happy senior woman gardening in backyard


Posted On May 21, 2021

Sun Safety Tips for Seniors This Summer

Oklahoma summers can get extreme and as we age, our bodies react to sun exposure differently. Stay prepared this summer with these sun safety tips for seniors.

Senior woman takes part in an at-home winter workout.

Healthy Aging

Posted On January 1, 2021

Indoor Exercises for Seniors to Do at Home

There are so many at-home winter workout ideas you can incorporate into your regular routine. Learn more about how to stay fit this winter.

Senior couple prepares foods to help boost their immune systems.

Healthy Aging

Posted On December 28, 2020

Senior Immune Health: How to Boost Your Immune System

Your immune system plays a crucial role in your overall health but it probably isn’t something you think about often, especially when you’re feeling well.

A happy senior in her home cooking a healthy meal.

Healthy Aging

Posted On April 8, 2020

5 Essential Nutrients for Brain Health for Seniors

Your brain health is important for the overall health of your body. The brain allows you to think, feel, breath and function as you should day in and day out. But unfortunately, as you age, your...

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