Indoor Exercises for Seniors to Do at Home

The winter season is here, which means spending time outside may become more difficult as temperatures drop and the weather changes here in Tulsa, OK. But regular exercise during the winter months can be even more important for maintaining energy levels and boosting mood.

Research shows that a regular amount of physical activity can provide seniors with significant health benefits. When you live an active lifestyle that includes routine exercise, you are improving your ability to live independently, reducing your risk of falls, lowering your blood pressure, and strengthening your bones, muscles, and joints.
If you’re used to exercising outdoors, you may find yourself struggling to find ways to exercise indoors during the winter. Luckily, there are a variety of easy, at-home exercises you can utilize to help yourself stay in shape all year round.

5 Exercises to Do at Home this Winter

Here are some winter exercise ideas to help you stay healthy, even when you can’t exercise outdoors:

  1. Yoga. Yoga is an easy exercise that offers skill levels for everyone, no matter if you’re a beginner or an experienced practitioner. Yoga is a low impact workout that can strengthen a variety of muscle groups and improve your flexibility and balance. YouTube has a variety of free yoga videos you can follow along with right from the comfort of your own living room.
  2. Balance Exercises. Maintaining good balance can minimize your risk of falling and injuring yourself. Balance exercises are typically low impact and can be done just about anywhere, making them ideal for when you can’t get outside. Similar to yoga, there are balance videos on YouTube that can help you safely practice your balance at home.
  3. Dancing. Who doesn’t love to dance? Dancing is one of the most fun and creative ways you can express yourself and keep your body moving. When you are actively dancing, you’re strengthening your muscles, building strength, and increasing your flexibility. Turn on your favorite song and dance around your living room for a fun, light workout at home.
  4. Go for a Walk Indoors. One of the simplest indoor exercises you can do is go for a walk indoors. It might not be as scenic as taking a walk around the park, but it’s an easy way for you to stay active during the winter. Walking keeps the blood flowing, strengthens your muscles, and refines your balance and coordination.
  5. Watch an Online Workout Video. If none of the above activities interest you, consider exploring a variety of free, at-home winter workouts available on YouTube. From seated chair workouts and cardio exercises to light weightlifting routines, there are plenty of options to help you stay active during the winter season.

Live an Active Lifestyle at Saint Simeon’s

At Saint Simeon’s, we understand the importance of staying healthy and living an active lifestyle. No matter what your fitness level is, our Wellness Center staff can work with you to create a personalized senior wellness program that’s specific to your needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our senior living options, our Wellness Center and how Saint Simeon’s can help keep you moving and active.

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