Skilled Nursing Services and Recovery After Surgery

Surgery can be an unpleasant topic of discussion, especially when it’s regarding your loved one. Unfortunately, surgeries like knee and hip replacements are a normal part of aging. The good news is if your loved one does have an upcoming surgery scheduled, there are a variety of services available to them to help aide their recovery.

While your loved one might have a long journey ahead of them, services like skilled nursing and therapies can have a huge impact on their recovery and help them get back to what they enjoy doing sooner.

What is Skilled Nursing?

You may be wondering to yourself – what exactly is skilled nursing? Skilled nursing care is a high level of medical care that is provided by licensed health professionals such as registered nurses and therapists.

Skilled nursing services are available for your loved one after they undergo a surgery and are not quite ready to go home. Skilled nursing services can be necessary over the short term for rehabilitation from an illness or injury and can also be required over the long term if your loved one requires a high level of care on a constant basis.

Skilled Nursing Services Your Loved One May Receive

Skilled nursing services include a variety of different treatments. If your loved one enters skilled nursing after a surgery, they can receive services like wound care, IV therapy, injections, physical therapy, medication management and monitoring of vital signs and medical equipment.

In order to receive skilled nursing services, your loved one’s doctor must order the care. At Saint Simeon’s, we are proud to offer skilled nursing services under Medicare Part A at in our Medical Resort.

Skilled Nursing Care for Seniors at Saint Simeon’s Medical Resort

Saint Simeon’s offers your loved one the option of skilled nursing if they are in need of a hospital stay that requires skilled nursing care. We are dedicated to providing high quality care to all residents no matter what their health needs are.

Saint Simeon’s is one of the top skilled nursing facilities in Tulsa, OK and we offer the following variety of senior living amenities:

  • Three full meals and snacks
  • 24-hour nursing care (staffing by medical professionals)
  • Gated entrance with security
  • Resident council
  • Full-time Chaplain welcoming residents of all faiths and denominations
  • Maintenance and landscaping services
  • Worship services and bible study classes

Find Exceptional Skilled Nursing Care at Saint Simeon’s

Not only do we provide all residents with the option of personalized skilled nursing care, we also accept and provide care to patients from outside our campus. We want to help your loved one get back on their feet and back to doing what they love to do.

Contact us today at 918-794-1902 to learn more about our skilled nursing care and how Saint Simeon’s can help aide in your recovery journey!

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