Western Days 2021
We thank our sponsors and friends:

Gift of Hope Sponsors
Phyllis and Steve Anderson
Hilary Clark, in memory of Tom Clark
Barbara and Arlo DeKraai
Phyllis and George Dotson
Ralph and Frances McGill Foundation
Lou and Connie Miller Foundation
Ross Swimmer

Gift of Devotion Sponsors
Priscilla Tate

Gift of Compassion Sponsors
H.A and Mark K. Chapman Charitable Trust

Gift of Strength Sponsors
Bank of Oklahoma
Bill Berry, in memory of Pam Berry

Gift of Faith Sponsors
Anchor Stone Company, in memory of Don Atkins
Lucy and John Barker
Mike and Amy Dodson Family
Jackie Cooper Imports
Debbie and Dean Luthey
Mrs. Robert Millspaugh (Millie), in memory of Bob Millspaugh (husband)
Emily and Jason Yang, in memory of O.M. “DadDad” Stallcup

Gift of Vision Sponsors
Carrie and Chuck Ammann
Jane and Lowell Faulkenberry
Ashley and John Griffin
Rob Lyon and Peggy Grant
Sharon Bell and Gregory Gray
Lea and Hans Helmerich
Leslie and Steve Lake
Paige Martin and Paul Clear, in memory of Steve Lobaugh and Mary Atkinson
Marilyn Morris, in memory of Will Smith
Alex J. Smith, in memory of Sue Ann Smith
Barbara and John Turner

Gift of Kindness Sponsors
Donna and Will Farrior, in memory of Tom Mason
Marge and John Gaberino
Shannon and Eric Grimshaw
Lora Larson
Calvin M. Moniz

Gift of Promise Sponsors
Ruthie and Stephen Duenner
Shirley Martin

Lots of Love and Special Contributions
Anonymous, in memory of Stephanie (Steve) Lobaugh
The Rev. Canon John C. Powers

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