Western Days 2021
We thank our sponsors and friends:

Gift of Love
Presenting Sponsor

The William S. Smith Charitable Trust
—in memory of William S. Smith

Gift of Hope Sponsors
Phyllis and Steve Anderson
Hilary Clark
—in memory of Tom Clark
Deisenroth Family Foundation
—in memory of Pat and Malcolm Deisenroth
DeKraai Family Fund
Phyllis and George Dotson
Episcopal Diocese of Oklahoma: The Rt. Rev. Poulson Reed, Bishop of Oklahoma
E.L. and Thelma Gaylord Foundation/Inasmuch Foundation/David Hogan
The Helmerich Trust
Mary Ann Hille
George Kaiser Family Foundation
John W. and Jerry E. Marshall Foundation
Ralph and Frances McGill Foundation
Lou and Connie Miller Charitable Foundation
Ross Swimmer
—in memory of Margaret Swimmer

Gift of Devotion Sponsors
Mary and Rob Martinovich
—in memory of Kathleen S. Martinovich
Priscilla Tate
—in honor of Allison Cotton and in memory of Dorothy Carter and Joseph Tate

Gift of Compassion Sponsors
H.A and Mark K. Chapman Charitable Trust
Melissa and Mac Stallcup
—in memory of O.M. Stallcup

Gift of Strength Sponsors
Bank of Oklahoma
Bill Berry
—in memory of Pam Berry
Beth and Scott Brown
—in memory of Fannie Brown
Gayle and Frank Eby
Dr. Jim Geurin and Dr. Jill Warnock
—in memory of Fran Warnock
Helmerich & Payne
Howard Energy Partners
Donna and Robert Merrifield
The Oxley Foundation
Maxine & Jack Zarrow Family Foundation

Gift of Faith Sponsors
Anchor Stone Company
—in memory of Don Atkins
Lucy and John Barker
Diane Chalmers Wiley and William Wiley
—in memory of Esther and Wayne Maxwell
Devon Energy Partners
Mike and Amy Dodson Family
Hall Estill
Nancy and Hank Harbaugh
Jackie Cooper Imports
Langdon Publishing
Jodie and Bob Lukeman
—in memory of O.M. and Claire Stallcup
Debbie and Dean Luthey
Mrs. Robert Millspaugh (Millie)
—in memory of Bob Millspaugh (husband)
Morrison Community Living
Prosperity Bank
Saint Francis Hospice
Lisa and Tom Schooley
—in honor of Melissa and Mac Stallcup
—in honor of Beth and Scott Brown

Julia and John Stallcup
—in memory of O.M. Stallcup
Susan Walker
Emily and Jason Yang
—in memory of O.M. “DadDad” Stallcup

Gift of Vision Sponsors
Melinda and Mitch Adwon
Carrie and Chuck Ammann
Paul and Nancy Bizjack Family Foundation, a Donor Advised Fund of U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
—in memory of Joyce Bizjack
Angela and Ky Chaffin
—in memory of Pam Berry
Bryan Close
—in honor of Robert Merrifield
—in honor of Phyllis and George Dotson

Jane and Lowell Faulkenberry
Karen and Richard Garren
Sharon Bell and Gregory Gray
Ashley and John Griffin
Lea and Hans Helmerich
Leslie and Steve Lake
Caron and Shawn Lawhorn
—in memory of Barbara and Woody Allen
The Link Oil Company
—in memory of Robert and Patsy Lyon
Sandi and David Litzinger
—in memory of Fannie and Howard Brown
Rob Lyon and Peggy Grant
Paige Martin and Paul Clear
—in memory of Steve Lobaugh and Mary Atkinson
Joyce Miller
—in honor of Melissa and Mac Stallcup and in memory of O.M. Stallcup
Calvin M. Moniz
—in memory of Robynn Moniz
Marilyn Morris
—in memory of William S. Smith
Cindy and Bob Peterson
Poe Family Foundation
Richard Salamon
The Schmigle Family
—in honor of Lyn Schmigle
Alex J. Smith
—in memory of Sue Ann Smith
Deborah and Stuart Spencer
—in memory of Berl W. Spencer
Barbara and John Turner
Dianne and Ronnie Turner
—in memory of Tom Clark
Becky and David York
—in memory of Aggie York

Gift of Kindness Sponsors
Julie and Phil Allen
Elizabeth and Doug Crews
Chrystal and Jake Dollarhide
Donna and Will Farrior
—in memory of Tom Mason
Lindsay and Ronald Fick
—in honor of the wonderful frontline staff at Saint Simeon’s
Marge and John Gaberino, Jr.
Marian Greenwood
Shannon and Eric Grimshaw
Catherine and Paul McDowell
Jean and Richard Medlock
Elizabeth Hocker and Robert Melgaard
—in honor of Phyllis and George Dotson
Houchin Family
Lora Larson
Judy Lawson
—in memory of Betty and Vernon Lawson
Stephanie and Michael Madsen
Nancy McGuire
—in memory of Bob McGuire
NewLawn and Landscape, Inc.
Betty and Tom Rains
Marcy and Bernard Robinowitz
Betty Seay
—in memory of Bill Seay
Mellyn and Scott Seay
—in memory of William Howard Seay
Monica Williford
—in honor of Hilary Clark
Ann and Mickey Wilson
—in memory of Mary Warner

Gift of Promise Sponsors
Debbie and Scott DeGeer
Carrie DeWeese
—in memory of O.M. Stallcup
Joanne Detamore
—in honor of Hilary Clark
Ruthie and Stephen Duenner
Kay Herring
Shirley Martin
Sue Mayhue
Nancy Pfeifer
—in memory of John and Nancy Zachritz
Joan and Mike Poling
—in memory of Rozella and Olan Bozarth
Ann and Britt Radford
—in memory of Pat and Don Washington
—in memory of Sug and Tex Radford

Sarah and Nick Storm
—in memory of Fannie Brown
Lewis W. Taggart
Melissa and Tim Tolin

Lots of Love and Special Contributions
—in memory of Stephanie (Steve) Lobaugh
Helen and Steve Bryce
Ernie Fields, Jr./Fields Musical Services, Inc.
Sami R. Framjee
—in honor of Stella Reynolds
Laurie and Jim Green
—in memory of Lois Harvey Gatchell
—in memory of Jim Harvey
—in memory of Edythe Harvey

Brenda Haesloop
Elaine and Ted Hanner
Imperial Vending, Food Service, and Coffee
Joan C. Kelley
—in memory of James L. Kelley
Carole and Bill Martin
—in memory of William M. Martin, in celebration of his 100th birthday
Joe McGraw
Diane Peacock and Craig Jenkins
The Rev. Canon John C. Powers
Rajagopal Raghavan
—in memory of Jayanthi Raj
St. John’s Episcopal Church of Tulsa – Brotherhood of Saint Andrew
Fr. Shelby and Rebecca Scott
Martha and Kalvin Tillman
—in memory of Lois H. Gatchell
—in memory of James D. Harvey
—in memory of Edythe Harvey

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