Oklahoma's First Struthers Parkinson's Care Network - Certified Community.

Finding the right place for Rodney wasn’t a smooth process for his wife Alice. Everyone made promises, but she found the reality didn’t measure up. She felt worried, exhausted, and guilty. But as a result, being “kicked out” of one facility turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It led her and Rodney to a place she calls “the perfect fit.” Hear their story:

Oklahoma’s First Struthers Parkinson’s Care Network – Certified Community.

Some area facilities claim to provide Parkinson’s care, but look closely and you can see a difference. Saint Simeon’s is truly committed to providing a higher quality of life for those in need of specialized Parkinson’s disease care. As a Struthers Parkinson's Care Network – Certified Community, we receive specialized Parkinson’s training, undergo performance audits, and must maintain a specific standard of care for our Parkinson’s residents and their families.

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Not Just Care ... Specialized Parkinson’s Care.

Saint Simeon’s nursing staff and therapy team have received Parkinson’s education and training on the disease process, including symptom management and medication regimens, as well as the benefits of therapeutic exercise and its positive effect in potentially slowing down the effects of Parkinson’s disease. Several staff members have undergone training in PWR! Moves and Parkinson’s-specific skill training programs to maintain or restore skills that may have deteriorated.

Saint Simeon’s has many pieces of equipment in their Wellness Center specifically for those individuals in need of Parkinson’s disease care. This equipment includes:

  • Core Stix: Fiberglass sticks attached to a standing platform which provide a safe and effective way to strengthen the core muscles needed for postural support and function. Specific to the senior/ rehab population, these devices provide a means of practicing chair stands, squats, and balancing exercises.
  • SCIFIT Recumbent Bike: Attached to four core sticks stations, it creates a “cluster” for neurobics exercise (exercising the brain and body simultaneously).
  • Glide Track Unweighting System: An unweighting harness used on our existing treadmill. Unweighted walking enables neurological patients to walk longer and more comfortably, allowing for gait corrections, increased speed and smoothness, longer sessions, and enhanced neurological recovery.
  • WaterFit Trampoline: An aquatic trampoline that uses water as a form of natural resistance to strengthen abdominal muscles and improve balance.
    The WaterFit Trampoline is used in Saint Simeon’s warm-water, saline pool.

Come See The Difference. Schedule Your Free Tour Today.

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