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Saint Simeons Board Of Trustees

  • The Right Reverend Poulson C. Reed, Chairman
  • Tom Schooley, Executive Chairman
  • Stuart Spencer, Executive Vice-Chairman
  • Ky Chaffin, Treasurer
  • Steven Lake, Secretary
  • Blake Atkins
  • Scott Brown
  • William Chevaillier, Jr.
  • Jared P. (J.P.) Culley
  • George Dotson
  • Will Farrior
  • Rick Garren
  • Dr. James Geurin
  • Greg Gray
  • Debbie Swan Hensley
  • Kathleen Kriegel
  • Jim Langdon
  • Dean Luthey, Jr.
  • Rob Lyon, Jr.
  • Marilyn Morris
  • Matthew Morton
  • Kevin Murray
  • The Reverend Shelby Scott
  • Mac Stallcup
  • Susan Walker


  • Kenneth Campbell
  • Mrs. Herbert Oven
  • Gene Starr
  • Mrs. Priscilla C. Tate

Foundation Board Of Trustees

  • The Right Reverend Poulson C. Reed, Chairman
  • Robert Merrifield, President
  • Jane Faulkenberry, Treasurer
  • William “Bill” Berry
  • Hilary Clark
  • George Dotson
  • Phyllis Dotson
  • Will Farrior
  • Mary Ann Hille
  • Anthony Jezek
  • Rob Martinovich
  • Marilyn Morris
  • The Rev. Jack Powers
  • Ross Swimmer
  • David York


  • John R. Barker
  • Frank G. Eby
  • William S. Smith

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