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By Dr. Mary Nole, Director of the Wellness Center at Saint Simeon’s

Joint protection is a proven strategy to help you manage arthritis pain and perform daily activities more easily. Arthritic joints can't tolerate as much stress as healthy joints can, so pushing, pulling or twisting motions can be painful.

Dr. Mary Nole shares six effective ways to protect your joints:

1. Try to maintain your ideal body weight. Extra weight increases stress on your hips, knees, back and feet.
2. Exercise. Movement loosens stiff joints and protects them by strengthening the muscles.
3. Don’t slouch. Good posture protects neck, back, hip and knee joints.

4. Use caution when lifting or carrying heavy items. Use your largest joints and strongest muscles to avoid injury and straining smaller joints.
5. Alternate heavy activity with rest. Repetitive stress on joints can exacerbate wear and tear.
6. Don’t ignore pain. Pain during or after activity may mean overstressed joints.

For a wealth of advice on arthritis prevention and protection, visit the Arthritis Foundation’s website at

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