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John H. Schumann, M.D., President, University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine, shares about how to tell if someone has dementia or is just experiencing normal aging.

John H. Schumann, M.D., shares what conditions most commonly send senior adults to the hospital.

Mary Nole, Ed.D., Wellness Director at Saint Simeon’s, shares what seniors can do to ensure better gait and prevent injuries.

John H. Schumann, M.D., discusses over-the-counter medications should as Benadryl that older individuals may want to avoid.

Matt Morton, Eastern Oklahoma Director for the Parkinson Foundation of Oklahoma, shares strategies for coping with Parkinson’s. He encourages individuals to develop a support system and exercise.

If you want to get through your day successfully, your muscles will get you there! Mary Nole, Ed.D., Wellness Director at Saint Simeon’s, discusses how seniors can develop strong muscles.

It’s important for seniors to develop good posture, which results in proper balance. Mary Nole, Ed.D., Wellness Director at Saint Simeon’s, will teach you how to improve your balance.

Are you a senior adult who has never exercised? Or maybe it’s been a long time since you last exercised? Never fear! It’s never too late! Mary Nole, Ed.D., Wellness Director at Saint Simeon’s, will teach you how to get started with an exercise routine.

Water exercise is excellent even for individuals who have a musculoskeletal condition. Hear about all the benefits of water exercise in this video by Mary Nole, Ed.D., Wellness Director at Saint Simeon’s.

Matt Morton, Eastern Oklahoma Director for the Parkinson Foundation of Oklahoma, discusses treatments for Parkinson’s, such as deep brain stimulation and Duopa.

Kathy Hinkle, Flora and Fauna Coordinator at Saint Simeon’s, shares how plants and animals have enriched Residents’ lives at Saint Simeon’s.

Karen Stanhope, Admissions Director at Saint Simeon’s, explains which area your loved one may be appropriate for – Independent Living, Assisted Living, Health Care, Memory Care, or Skilled Nursing.

Posture is sexy!, says Mary Nole, Ed.D., Wellness Director at Saint Simeon’s. Find out why it’s so important for older adults to develop good posture.

Osteoporosis is one of the most common conditions that affects older adults. Learn how to reduce the risks of developing it in this video with John H. Schumann, M.D.

Karen Stanhope, Admissions Director at Saint Simeon’s, shares how admissions works at Saint Simeon’s.

John H. Schumann, M.D. shares about this wearing down of cartilage at the joints and how to prevent it.

By Stephanie Fink, Nutrition Care Manager, Saint Simeon’s

It’s summer and the temperatures are rising. When we are hot, our body keeps us cool by sweating. As we sweat, we lose fluid and replenish the lost fluid by drinking. What if we do not drink enough to replensih the fluid?

By Sue Slama, Director of Nursing, Saint Simeon’s

Just what exactly are cataracts, and what can be done to prevent them? A cataract is a clouding of the lens in the eye that affects vision. Most cataracts are related to aging. A cataract can occur in either or both eyes.

By Dr. Mary Nole, Wellness Director, Saint Simeon’s

Unfortunately at one time or another, many of us will end up in a physical therapist’s office. This is “unfortunate” because if you are visiting one, it is generally due to an injury of some kind, or a physical ailment resulting from an illness. To that point, a prescription from your doctor is required in order to see a physical therapist.

Even though many people consider their visits to a physical therapist to be painful and challenging, these trained professionals do an excellent job getting people back on their feet (literally), out of pain, and back to their normal routine. However, a physical therapist cannot continue seeing you for the rest of your life. So what is one to do after your time at the physical therapist is over?

By Sheila Burba, Medicare Assistance Program Counselor, Life Senior Services

Senior scams are among the most common crimes of the 21st Century, and sadly, 1 in 13 senior adults will be abused, neglected, and/or financially exploited. Surprisingly, only 1 in 44 senior adult financial abuse cases is ever reported by law enforcement. Many seniors feel embarrassed to report a scam and therefore leave it unreported.

By Gina Sides, Memory Center Manager, Saint Simeon’s

Everyone needs a purpose for getting out of bed each morning. Without some type of incentive, people tend to become depressed, feeling as though they have nothing of value to offer society. The same holds true with dementia victims.

By Sheila Burba, Medicare Assistance Program Counselor, Life Senior Services

A common scam targeting seniors is identity theft. Identity theft occurs when without your consent, someone uses your personal information (Social Security, credit card, or driver’s license number) to access your accounts, open up new accounts, or apply for loans or mortgages.

By Dr. Mary Nole, Director of Saint Simeon’s Wellness Center

No pain, no gain – or so the saying goes. Contrary to popular belief, though, exercise does not have to hurt in order to be effective. Water exercise can be a pain-free, fun form of exercise for senior adults. In fact, water exercise has been known to alleviate rather than cause pain.

First off, let’s consider WHY we would want to exercise at all. As we age, our bodies unfortunately decline in a number of ways that most of us are all far too familiar with.

By Gina Sides, RN, Manager of Saint Simeon’s Memory Center

According to a recent report from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), the life expectancy for U.S. males grew by 4.6 years between 1989 and 2009. It is predicted the modern men will live to be an average age of 76.2 vs. 81.3 years for women.

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