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The Rt. Rev. Dr. Edward J. Konieczny, Chair
David O. Hogan, President
Caron Lawhorn, Vice-President
Marilyn Morris, Secretary
David L. York, Treasurer
John R. Barker
William L. Berry
George S. Dotson
Phyllis N. Dotson
William E. Farrior
Mary Ann Hille
Anthony S. Jezek
Marcia MacLeod
Robert W. Merrifield
The Rev. Canon John C. Powers
William S. Smith
Margaret Swimmer
Barbara Turner

Carolyn Blair, Executive Director

Frank G. Eby


The Rt. Rev. Dr. Edward J. Konieczny, Chair
Gregory Allen Gray, Executive Chairman
Blake Atkins, Executive Vice-Chairman
The Rev. Irv Cutter, Secretary
Tom Schooley, Treasurer
John Abney
Steve Anderson
Ky Chaffin
William C. Chevaillier, Jr.
J.P. Culley
Chase Curtiss
George S. Dotson
William E. Farrior
Dr. James R. Geurin
The Rev. Mary Ann Hill
Maxine Horner
Kathleen Kriegel
Stephen W. Lake
Jim Langdon
Graydon Dean Luthey
Robert B. Lyon, Jr.
The Rev. Stephen McKee
Marilyn Morris
Kevin J. Murray
Jean M. Pasley
Dr. John H. Schumann
The Rev. Shelby Scott
William S. Smith
Stuart G. Spencer
The Rev. Dr. T. Lee Stephens
Debbie Swan-Hensley

Lindsay Hurley Fick, President & CEO

Donald B. Atkins
Kenneth N. Campbell
Mrs. Herbert Oven
Gene Starr
Mrs. Priscilla C. Tate


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