By Lindsay Hurley Fick

This issue of Ambiance is arriving at your home just before Mother’s Day. To all the mothers that read this issue, I hope we’re the first to say, “Happy Mother’s Day!”

Saint Simeon’s is replete with amazing mothers – Resident mothers, employee mothers and even our peahen mothers! In fact, as I write this, I’m told that our peahens have begun to nest. Within the month, there will be peachicks following their mother peahens throughout the courtyards.

One of the privileges of being at Saint Simeon’s is getting to know and growing to love the mothers who call Saint Simeon’s home. The same holds true for their families.

On the cover of this issue of Ambiance, you’ll see Mrs. Marilyn Baker and her two daughters, Debbie Baker and Revelle Clausing. Debbie and Revelle’s love for their mother is obvious to everyone. Mrs. Baker is blessed with two extraordinary daughters and Saint Simeon’s is blessed by all three ladies.

I continually witness the love of children for their mother. One of my favorites include the evening that I walked by a Resident’s apartment to peals of laughter spilling into the hallway. I couldn’t resist! I knocked on the apartment door and was welcomed into a family reunion of three generations.

Another relationship that exemplifies the special bond of a woman and the next generation especially touches my heart. In this case, the mother is actually an aunt who never had children of her own. But just speak to her niece and nephew and it is obvious that her unconditional love, wise guidance and constant support played a major role in shaping their lives. Her eyes light up at the mere mention of their names.

I can’t end this letter without thinking of my own mother – truly a woman whose children are her heart’s desire. I am blessed. Additionally, I feel I must comment on my own thoughts of motherhood. I remember each year as my son grew up thinking that there simply wasn’t anything as wonderful as being a mother.

And then seven years ago, I became a grandmother! Oh my goodness – there simply isn’t anything better!

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