By Lindsay Hurley Fick

This edition of Ambiance will center on friendship and the vital role friends play in our lives. In the coming pages, you will read of friends that bring their talent, their energy and their giving spirit to Saint Simeon’s, all with the central focus of enriching lives. Friends of Saint Simeon’s – Residents, current and former family members, staff, Auxiliary volunteers, Trustees and donors – fulfill the mission of Saint Simeon’s.

I could fill pages recounting the wonderful acts of kindness and love shown by the many that comprise the Saint Simeon’s family. Saint Simeon’s has been Tulsa’s senior community for 53 years – our large family spans generations.

Western Days is always a wonderful expression of the Saint Simeon’s family. I hear stories of the first Western Days 17 years ago, hosted by the Auxiliary. It took place on the lawn of Saint Simeon’s, with a gathering of 50-75 people. Fast forward to 2013 where 700 people packed Expo’s Central Park Hall. Saint Simeon’s is truly blessed with magnificent friends.

At Saint Simeon’s I have the privilege of seeing friendship displayed in the lives of Residents and staff each day. One Auxiliary member is known for frequently bringing cookies to her Resident friends gathered at Carla’s Corner. Saint Simeon’s vegetable garden was full of wonderful produce this summer due to the hard work and collaboration of our Resident gardener and Saint Simeon’s Education Director. I enjoy going to the Wellness Center and hearing the laughter (and a few groans!) as Residents work with the Wellness Center staff to improve their health. As well, it is so rewarding to see a Resident’s face light up when their favorite staff member enters the room. In a thank you note I received recently, a family member stated “At this stage in my mother’s life, her best friends are the staff of Saint Simeon’s. They are my friends too. Thank you from both of us.”

I know I speak for my colleagues when I say that Saint Simeon’s Residents are an important part of our lives. Just last week, I was visiting with a Resident and we were discussing how much she loves to sing. I asked her what type of music she likes best. Her answer was hymns. I told her I like hymns too. Before long, the hallways echoed with the sound of us singing Onward Christian Soldiers (one of her favorites). As I headed back to my office, I thought to myself, what a great way to spend the morning with a friend.

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