By Lindsay Hurley Fick

Decades of compassion – those words perfectly describe Saint Simeon’s.

As I sit to write this letter I have just returned from having lunch with Residents – Bishop Cox, Mr. Dempster and Mr. Snow.   Collectively these gentlemen span 25 years at Saint Simeon’s.  Two of my colleagues, Karen Stanhope and Kathy Hinkle, joined us as well.  Karen and Kathy are examples of Saint Simeon’s long tenured staff, 28 years and 20 years respectively.  The lunch was a wonderful time of sharing about our lives across the many decades and especially recounting special times together at Saint Simeon’s.

 One person that truly exemplifies decades of compassion at Saint Simeon’s is Kum Yon Jones.  Kum Yon has been on staff for 37 years.  She is loved by everyone – Residents, families, and staff.  Kum Yon has a quiet, caring and humble manner that has touched the lives of generations.   The following story depicts the essence of Kum Yon.  In late 2013 Mrs. Lois Gatchell was visiting Saint Simeon’s in preparation of making Saint Simeon’s her home.  One of the first questions Mrs. Gatchell asked was “Is Kum Yon still here?”  The answer was yes!  During Mrs. Gatchell’s visit she and her daughter ran into Kum Yon.  I’m told it was an emotional moment for everyone.  You see, Kum Yon had cared for Mrs. Gatchell’s mother.  Kum Yon had wonderful recollections and special memories of that time.  As Mrs. Gatchell and her daughter were preparing to leave, Kum Yon said “Please come and let me take care of you”.  Mrs. Gatchell replied, “That’s the best invitation I’ve ever gotten”.  The story of Kum Yon is repeated for many of our staff, decades of devotion, decades of care.

In each Ambiance I mention the legacy of Saint Simeon’s.   That legacy is centered on the fact that 56 years ago when Saint Simeon’s was founded compassion for seniors was the cornerstone.  That legacy continues today because Saint Simeon’s Board of Trustees, through many decades, has never wavered in its dedication to the founder’s mission.      

As I end this letter I think about the fact that 2016 is my 10th year at Saint Simeon’s.   Not long in comparison to others!   Saint Simeon’s grabbed my heart from the first moment I stepped on campus.  I feel certain that many others, over five plus decades, feel the very same way.

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